Hello Zumbo!

When I arrived in Sydney from London 18 months ago, I had no idea who Adriano Zumbo was.  I started watching the 2nd season of Australian Masterchef, to support my friend who was competing (and also became that years masterchef winner Adam Liaw).  I soon became acquainted with this famous pastry chef who would join the competition and showcase the most amazing intricate creative desserts.  Adriano Zumbo is now a regular (Australian) household name, he now has four patisseries across Sydney, the latest one was opened last year in Star City.

I now make regular visits to Adriano Zumbo’s patisserie in Balmain, each time I go I am amazed by all the latest desserts to tempt my tastebuds and am eager to try his newest macaron flavours.  If you go to Zumbo’s patisserie on a weekend, be prepared to line up in a queue of eager sydneysiders and tourists, but luckily for me there is no queue when I go to visit on a Thursday afternoon.

Piles of croissants and french pastries are on display in the outdoor window of the patisserie, just to tempt you to go in.  As you enter the patisserie, it is a very small narrow room, with beautiful chocolates on display on the immediate right cabinet and then an array of the most amazing creations, each more tempting than the other.

After carefully studying the desserts (each are a piece of art, and then you read their descriptions and they sound even more amazing than they look), I finally decided to take taste the following two with my friend KK (who’s visiting from Adelaide) – Man goes peanuts (peanut butter crunch, mango compote, mango burnt honey mousse, pain de epiece)

Snowmanorr (pate a choux, bubble tea custard, lychee coconut cream legers, lychee gel, coconut crunch).

Adriano’s famous macarons, now called Zumbarons, are displayed on the back wall.  Each day he has a different flavour on offer, and of course, each time I have to taste a few of his new flavours.

Each of our desserts and macarons are nicely packaged in cute white Zumbo boxes.  We took our delicious desserts home to enjoy for afternoon tea.

The lychee and almond macaroon is my favourite from this visit, very light and crumbly with a hint of almond and lychee.

The passionfruit and lime macaron is my second favourite, very light and airy with a hint of passionfruit (not too overpowering) with a nice hint of lime to give a refreshing ‘zest’.

The watermelon & orange macaron are a bit too sweet, and a little heavier on the palate.

My friend choses the stronger flavours, the milo is a very heavy chocolate macaron. Although I’m a chocaholic, I find chocolate macarons a little to heavy, and prefer lighter flavours that keep the macaron light and ‘airy’.

The next flavour we try is a ‘coke’ macaron, my friend KK being a coke lover enjoyed this, I found the coke in a macaron flavour a bit too quirky for my liking.

Now on to the amazing desserts.  The peanut butter dessert, is a ‘typical’ Zumbo creation, he loves combining different layers of contrasting flavours and textures that just work perfectly in unison.    This time, the sweet creamy mango burnt honey mousse centre combined with the lovely jelly texture of the mango compote, is contrasted with the the crunchy texture of the peanut butter crunch and the crumbly layered of pastry (pain de epice) to give a lovely texture.  I’m in peanut butter chocolate heaven!

The SSnowmanorr is one of Zumbo’s signature creations, with five different layers, the lychee snow cream layer,  combined with the creamy bubble tea custard gave it a nice a creamy texture that went really nicely with the texture of the lychee jelly, wrapped in a light outer choux pastry, covered in a lovely coconut crunch on top.  The delicate creamy lychee flavours like melting snowflakes in my mouth!

There is a good reason why this patissier is ever so popular! He definitely knows how to work magic through his creations!  Zumbo’s desserts range from $9 – $10, macarons (or as he calls it, Zumbarons!) $2.50 each.

Adriano Zumbo Patisserie, 296 Darling Street  Balmain NSW 2041
Adriano Zumbo Patisserie on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Hello Zumbo!

  1. Yay, you got it right on the last line, macarOn! 😉

    Ooh, the lychee macaron sounds so yummy! And the SSnowstormm!! Must try this trip! Booked my tickets 😉 WOO HOO!!!



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