Miss G’s @ Potts Point

A few friends of mine have recommended I try out Miss G’s at Potts Point, with chefs Dan Hong and Jowett Yu, and I finally got to check out this very funky establishment last night.

As you enter the neon pink doors, the place is busy, communal tables are filled with diners digging into piles of dishes, the dimly lit room with graffiti walls adding to the arty/ eclectic feel of the place.  The restaurant is split into three floors, two floors for dining, and a very fun bar on the top floor.

As usual, I’m running fashionably late, and I run up to the bar to meet my friends who have been waiting for me whilst enjoying the interesting cocktails they have on offer.

Start the night with a cocktail in the upstairs bar

After opening the cocktail menu and reading the cover “Asian mothers are the best mothers..” this place was already ticking my boxes (being an asian mum myself I couldn’t agree more 🙂

You cannot start the night without trying one of their cocktails.   I ordered the “Good Morning Vietnam” (Shochu, raspberries, lime, palm sugar, Vietnamese mint, soda), $14, not realising it was a ‘Packaged Cocktail’.  The waitress delivered this plastic cup, that looks like a bubble tea container.  After popping the cover with a straw (just like a bubble tea!) I sip into the very refreshing cocktail, with strong berry, lime and mint flavours.

One can get lost reading the food menu, there are so many interesting dishes on offer.   There’s a varied list, combining Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean influences to western dishes.

The food arrived very promptly, starting with the Yellowfin tuna ceviche “Vietnamese style” $18.  This was a nice light start to he meal, the tuna was beautiful and fresh served with a refreshing salad with mint & lime juice.

Next came the Jow’s Sweet & Sour lamb ribs $23, beautiful pieces of meaty lamb ribs, chargrilled with the tastiest sweet & sour sauce.   Everyone was licking their fingers after eating the beautiful ribs – there was almost a fight for the last rib on the plate!

The grilled tiger prawns, konbu & lemongrass butter $28 were done beautifully, buttery prawns that melt in your mouth with the hint of lemongrass.

The D.I.Y San Choy Bow – maple chipotle chicken, lemongrass salsa $26.   Finely chopped chicken in a dry spicy chili sauce, the lemongrass salsa and wrapped in a lettuce leaf harmoniously counterbalanced the spiciness of the chicken.

Superior steamed daily fish, enoki mushrooms, zucchini flowers, ginger $29,  was beautiful done, the ‘melt in your mouth’ buttery fish covered in light rice wine sauce.

Although this was not part of our original order, we saw the waiter deliver this dish to another table and we had to try.  Ms G’s grilled corn on the cob, parmesan, lime (v) $4ea.  Buttery corn on the cob drenched in parmesan cheese, simple but very tasty.

Our final dish was the Vietnamese curry of Wagyu beef shin served with baguette $25, the beef was beautiful and tender, served in a rich red curry sauce.

Even though we had a huge feast, we couldn’t go past the dessert menu.  Usually I’m not interested by asian desserts, but each of the desserts on offer were too interesting  to resist!

First thing on the dessert menu, was just too quirky not to try – the “Stoner’s Delight 2.0” doughnut ice cream, peanut butter, raspberry jam, candied bacon, potato chips, mars bar slice, banana fritter $12.   I was imagining a huge hear attack on a plate, but these were delicately presented on the plate.  Thin slices of mars bar on rasberry jam, the creamy doughnut ice cream on peanut butter was to die for, served with the crisp candied bacon on top.

The Ginger beer granita, lime, chocolate, lychee $12 was my favourite dessert, very refreshing granita on top of a lime gelati with thick chocolate and refreshing texture of cubes of lychee jelly.

My friends decided to share a “Breakfast” crunchy cereal, sticky rice,  burnt honey ice cream, mango & cranberries $12.  It was an interesting combination of flavours, the texture of the crunchy cereal mixed with the sticky rice, ice cream and the fruits, but in the end for me it still felt like eating breakfast cereal.

All in all it was a thoroughly fun and delicious dining experience, it definitely exceeded my expectations.  We all enjoyed every single dish and the place has a very fun atmosphere.  I will definitely be going back!

Miss G, 155 Victoria Street, Potts Point, 2011 <a
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