Reuben Hills, a piece of Latin America in Surry Hills

I am enjoying exploring the new cafes and restaurants popping up around the place in Surry Hills.  The latest being Reuben Hills, a small cafe / restaurant that recently opened up on Albion Street.  It’s not just any other cafe serving great coffee, they offer an interesting menu of Central American and South American food with a modern twist.

The place has been set up with an industrial feel, rough exposed bricks, wooden beams and corrugated metal, high ceilings with an open loft on the second floor, you can see the coffee roasters where coffee is roasted daily. 

Reuben Hills offers a small daily menu consisting of a mix of breakfast, lunch dishes and light snacks.  Each of the dishes comes from a different region of Central & South America – including influences from Honduras, Argentina, Columbia and Peru.  I’ve been here for both breakfast and lunch before, and have enjoyed trying the different dishes on offer.

The first time I tried Ruben Hills I came for breakfast and tried the soft baked eggs with shaved jamon, steamed spinach, Ranchero Sauce and Stacchiata, $16.   A beautiful wholesome breakfast, I enjoyed dipping the Stacchiata bread in the creamy soft baked eggs, and savouring it with the tasty Jamon.

After trying this beautiful breakfast I had to come back for again to try out the other dishes on the menu.

This time, we ordered the 99 Breakfast at Tiffany’s – chorizo inside a brioche with ranchero sauce/ crispy onions, $15.

What an amazing combination, the juicy salty chorizo together with the refreshing coleslaw in a suite brioche bun.  It was divine!  (I’m such a chorizo lover, I could have this for breakfast, lunch & dinner! 😉

We also tried the Soft Corn Tortillas – chicken with lime & ginger, sweet potato & cadobo pepper salsa, $16.   I love how each dish is served in old retro 80s patterned plates.

As you bite into the soft tortilla shells you are confronted with the rich flavours of the lime & ginger chicken mixed in the rich sweet potato corn, & spicy salsa.  The Columbian Beef Empanadas with Pico de Gaillo, $10 were a little disappointing, a bit bland, there was more potatoes than beef in the filling. I had to add a lot of the spicy Pico de Gaillo sauce to give it more bite.

Even though we were so full we had to share a dessert of brioche with dulce de leche, $6 (I can’t say no to dulce de leche!).

It was a very simple dish, it was literally a brioche bun (fluffy & sweet) with dulce de leche on the side.  Simple, but tasty just the same.   In the end we ended up eating the dulce de leche on it’s own!

Although they offer a small menu, there are still a few dishes on the menu I’d like to try next time (as well as their Black Sesame & Salted Caramel shakes :).

For the coffee lovers out there, you can also visit Reuben Hills on Friday mornings (at 10 am), where they offer ‘coffee cupping’, and you can taste a range of different coffees from around the world.

Reuben Hills, 61 Albion St  Sydney New South Wales 2010

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