Happy Easter & Happy Passover!!

Easter… one of the few times a year that people, even the non-religious, celebrate a Christian holiday (besides Xmas of course). Well, for the non-religious, it is an excuse to indulge in the simple pleasures, or more precisely, CHOCOLATE.
Walking past Haighs in Pitt St mall today the queue was ridiculous, the line went outside the store and doubled up! So much for my desire to pick up some chocolate frogs and some Easter treats!

It seems all stores were also starting Easter sales this weekend, and dressing up there window displays with some Easter cheer (everything from chooks, bunnies and Easter eggs) to boost up sales.

Well, since I couldn’t get my Haighs chocolate I ended up settling with and Easter egg cupcake from the Cupcake Bakery. Red velvet dark chocolate cupcake dressed with cute mini Easter eggs – how could I resist?

It was a very eventful afternoon, I attended my first ever Easter egg hunt & Easter Hat Parade at my son’s childcare.  It was a wonderful experience watching my gorgeous 15 month old son with face painted as a bunny, go on a hunt for precious Easter eggs and indulge in some hot cross buns.

My son definitely enjoyed his first Easter hunt and more importantly, rewarding himself with the chocolate eggs he found! (looks like someone inherited mums love for chocolate!) – of course I only let him indulge in this very special occasion 🙂

I’m ready to continue the indulgence this long weekend and of course, celebrate this Christian holiday (Easter) & Jewish holiday ( Passover).  Well, I’m now off to pack for a trip to Melbourne for the long weekend to celebrate Easter and Passover.

Wherever you are from Sydney to London & around the world, J’adorais wishes you a Happy Easter & Happy Passover!

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