You’ve got Mail!

There is nothing more exciting than receiving a parcel you’ve been waiting in the mail!  With technology getting rid of ‘snail mail’, gone are the days of waiting for a letter from a loved one.. we’ve got email, facebook, twitter and of course the mobile phones bringing us closer and connecting us from around the world.

But when it comes to connecting me and my online purchases there  are still those few days after you have placed your online order of waiting for the parcel to arrive.  For those who know me, I’m a self-confessed shopaholic, but of late, I have had to cut down on my spending as I am still on the job search so cannot go back to my frivolous days of spending as I once did when I worked at Burberry in London (*sniff*)!

Lucky for me, last week I had an excuse to spend a birthday voucher my in-laws gave me, and I found the perfect Burberry sunglasses online to spend my lovely voucher! (yes to my Burberry friends, I am such a loyal customer & ex-employee! 😉 Five (or six) days later the parcel finally arrived! Of course it always arrives when you are out, so I had the pleasure of wandering to my local post office to pick it up.  There is something about receiving your international parcel and opening it up – brings you back to the feeling you had when you were a kid, waiting to open up your xmas pressies at midnight on Xmas Eve (that was my family tradition).

Oh how I love the familiar beige box with the Prorsum knight, and inside the traditional check case..

So how does it look on? Classic tortoiseshell sunglasses, with hexagon shaped frame and gold embossed check on the side.

If only I could combine these with a few of a lovely Burberry trench from the SS12 collection.. after all the season is changing.. 😉

Or a lovely silk blend full skirted trench coat…

Or maybe I need some colour, the dark purple soft linen and cotton full skirted trench coat with beaded crochet  embroidered collar with wooden beads?  😉 At £2,195 I’m dreaming of my old Burberry staff discount..

Well that is my little confession for the day, my name is EC for J’adorais and I’m self confessed shopaholic.. After all, those who read my post “Fashion, part of life’s little treats” will remember that shopping is good for you.. ( a lil shop a day keeps the drs away..)

So, I’m sure you have a few shopping confessions to make.. please share them!! 😉

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