Cibos.. for the lovers of coffee

Being born in Brazil, I grew up loving a good cup of coffee. From the age of five I remember loving a ‘cafezinho’ (short black) after a meal – yes, probably not the healthiest choice – but for braziilans drinking coffee is almost as staple as drinking water. Which probably explains why I have grown up appreciating a good coffee. One thing Aussies and Brazilians have in common is their love of coffee. So much so that apparently a few smart Australian baristas have caught on the need for good coffee chains in London that ‘antipodean’ cafes as they call it are a hit in London.  (

Well, one of my favourite cafes I missed whilst in London was good old Cibos cafe, originally founded in Adelaide and now taking over Australia. Every time I’m back in Adelaide I make a point of a visit back to cibos cafe – catching up with friends over a good coffee (and they also make amazing home made gelati! 🙂

One of the original.. Cibos cafe on the Corner of Rundle St & Frome St Adelaide

Can’t beat a good old Cibos cappuccino

Some of the beautiful pasticceria freshly made daily

Cibos beautiful chocolate gelati..

Another of my favourites – a must whenever I’m in Adelaide – is a taste of Cibo gelati.. mmm.. my then boyfriend and now husband and I would buy 1/2 litre tubs of gelati at least once a week – best flavours – Chocolate, scorched almond, baci & pistachio.. YUUMMM!!

Also for the hot chocolate lovers out there.. the Cibos hot chocolate is DEVINE!! Rich but sooo goood!! 😉  Definitely one of the good ol Adelaide treasures I do miss! 😉 Well who knows, they’ve opened Cibos cafes in Queensland, who knows when the next Cibos cafe opens in Sydney!!

A little more about Cibos

“Cibo Espresso is proud to announce that we have been crowned the Overall Best Coffee Chain Winner at the 2011/2012 CSR Golden Bean.” Beating more than 270 other Australian Coffee Roasters and 1,200 coffees.

Cibos won best coffee chain in Australian

“Cibo Espresso began in 2000 but the desire to provide a ‘simply Italian’ experience for customers was born years earlier when the four founding partners, Roberto Cardone, Salvatore Pepe, Angelo Inglese and Claudio Ferraro first combined their skills to open Cibo Ristorante in Adelaide in 1996. One is an accomplished chef, one an artisan trained pasticciere, one a renowned restaurant manager and one a fine barrista. All shared the same passion for the Italian Espresso Bar experience that has led to the success of Cibo Espresso.
The restaurant quickly became a dining landmark in lovers were quick to catch on to the Cibo Espresso blend that poured from the espresso machine day and night. Before long, more Cibo Espresso bars had opened in key locations all over the city.. Cibo Espresso now has 17 outlets but the original passion for sharing the flavour of Italy with Australian coffee lovers is still evident in every coffee served.
Cibo Espresso was born from a passion to share the simple pleasures of the Italian lifestyle – wonderful coffee and quality food in a modern, stylish bar setting. Using 100 percent Arabica coffee beans, roasted and blended to our Cibos special recipe.” (Cibos website)

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