Take me back to Thailand

I can’t believe it’s been less than two weeks since I got back from my wonderful trip to Thailand.. how quickly you get sucked into the hum drum of work after a holiday.. I’m ready for my next break! 😉 Well, before I start planning my next holiday, just wanted to share with you some more highlights of the trip.

There is just so much amazing food on offer – from the moment you wake up, the breakfast buffets in the hotels have an amazing selection of every breakfast you can think of, from western & asian foods.. everything from chefs who make your own omelettes to hot dim sums and congee and of course a variety of exotic fruits.

To the amazing seafood and curries.. everything served beautifully in pineapples and coconuts!

Fried rice served in a pineapple

Beautiful thai green curry served in a coconut

Buffet on the beach..

Eating a lobster by the pool bar.. now this is LUXURY!

And the best dessert on offer.. Mango & sticky rice.. YUMM!!
Yum, all this good food.. it’s no wonder I came back home with my own ‘thai buddah belly’! 😉

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