We ♥ online shopping sprees

My name is London’adorais and I’m an online shopaholic.

I have always loved to shop. Back in Adelaide my favourite past time was to shop. To trail through the racks of the boutiques, try a few… and then move on to the next store just to check out what they have. After going back and forth I would then finally make my way (was probably to the 1st) to my favourite boutique and purchase. Even when I had no money I would go and just window shop for the fun of it.

In London, shopping is not such a relaxing experience. Wandering through my favourite department stores like Selfridges, Liberty and Harvey Nichols feels a little like Simba in the Lion King stampede (unless you are lucky enough to shop during the week). So instead, I have delighted in the online shopping world. This world lets you browse leisurely any time of day (even during work breaks or on the train) without any disturbance.

As ecarioquinha has posted some of her beautiful shopping delights, I thought I’d also share my latest little treats.

I absolutely fell in love with the Preen SS12 collection, I loved the beautiful bright colours, the divine flower/slightly exotic prints and the versatility of the pieces.

So when it happened to go on sale – I had to snap it up!

As you would have seen from my previous post Colour me bright, I’m very much into my colours right now.

Its been the wettest April to June in the history of the weather bureau for dear England, and the only summer cheer I can get is by wearing some colour to brighten my dreary day.

Another piece I have been eyeing and snap-snap-snapped up, was a pair of By Malene Birger green silk trousers. I don’t own that many pair of silk man-style trousers as I find them so delicate, and I’m always scared that the hems will get ruined (by the lovely street puddles that I’ll undoubtedly have to trudge through). The one other pair that I have I adore and always wish I had more of. Man-style silk trousers just have this instant dressed up look that still looks casual.

Anyway, when I saw the green of these trousers I just couldn’t get them out my head! The emerald green… the cut…*sigh*… and now.. they’re mine!

So there you have it. My little online sale purchases. Everyone in London has high hopes for a late summer… fingers crossed!

(Pictures thanks to Preen.com and my-wardrobe.com)

4 thoughts on “We ♥ online shopping sprees

  1. Ooh! Love those pyjama pants!!! Rushed to My Wardrobe, and they’re sold out! Can’t wait to see a pic of them on! 😉

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