J’adorais Paris…

What is it with Paris and its power to always enchant all the girls?!? Is it the beautiful boutiques that are never jam packed like they are in London? The delicious food and boulangerie at every corner? The gorgeous green parks? Or the womanising smooth talking dangerously good looking men perhaps?

Today I’ll share a few pics from my little weekend getaway to Paris.

Cutest little cobble streets

The locks of love at l’Archevêché Love Bridge

Of course Paris has to have the “Love Bridge” – where the bridge’s sides have been fastened with hundreds of padlocks, symbolising love struck couples’ enduring passion. It’s so cute to see some of the little initials engraved, messages and little ribbons fastened to the bridge to lock in their forever love. And why not, with the beautiful view of the Notre Dame and river Seine how can the love not last?

The ever beautiful Notre Dame

Pear and wild strawberry sorbet (apologies about the yellowness of the photo)

I cannot believe this was the first time I tried the best ice cream in Paris, Berthillon. I am a lover of the Italian gelato, but this ice cream (admittedly I went for 2 sorbets), was divine. The flavours I went for, wild strawberry and pear tasted like the real fruit, but a more intense delicious chilled version of it! Cannot wait to try all other 58 flavours! Berthillon’s deliciousness comes from its use of only natural ingredients, with the natural fruit or flavour coming purely from its natural sources along with  milk, sugar, cream and eggs.

Hidden gem at Park Montsouris

Breathtaking grand park Buttes Chaumont

Another new park discovery for me was the Parc des Buttes Chaumont… breathtaking!

The Peut Etre magazine in the window of a boutique in Le Marais

While walking the cute little streets of the Marais I was very un-Parisian like and squealed when I stumbled across this little boutique with the Peut Etre magazine on the window!

Et voila!  À tout!


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