Lima – The Peruvian Invasion in London Part II

So a few weeks ago I posted about Ceviche, a fantastic Peruvian restaurant with delicious cocktails in Soho. Not too far away in Fitzrovia another Peruvian wanted to join the invasion party, and ramped up the party levels.

It was one of those once in a blue moon wonderful sunny London evening, so we asked to sit outside to soak it all up.

To freshen up we kicked off the evening with some wonderful cocktails. The classic winner was the pisco sour, tart and refreshing, and absolutely moreish.

We decided to share lots of starters as they all sounded so intriguing, fresh and delicious to pass up.

Seabream ceviche * Tiger milk * sweet onion skin * Inka corn

To kick things off in a Peruvian restaurant, we had to have the seabream ceviche – if nothing else then a benchmark to rate the restaurant against. The Lima ceviche did not disappoint, it was absolutely delicious and with a little twist with the crispy onion skin that gave the dish a nice crunch.

bay scallop tiradito * yellow oil emulsion * umami salt * cassava

The scallop tiradito is like a sashimi with a delicious creamy spice filled sauce. The scallop was smooth and creamy and the sauce was absolutely delicious, sweet with a beautiful (unknown) spice… the cassava flour gave the dish that little extra texture. I could really see the Japanese influence in the Peruvian dishes, with the tiradito’s fusing sashimi  with the South American creamy spiciness.

duck crudo * algarrobo tree honey * shaved foie gras * ghoa cress

The duck crudo was absolutely divine. The duck crudo was wonderful slices of smoked duck with foie gras shavings, that gave the dish this wonderful richness that only foie gras can do, and the honey dressing gave a wonderful sweetness. The cress gave the dish a beautiful fresh bite to cut through the richness.

braised octopus al olivo * organic white chinoa * botija olive bubbles

The braised octopus was another winner dish of succulent char pieces of octopus with a refreshing chinoa and olive dressing.

Seabass causa with yellow potato puree * crushed avocado * red shiso

The seabass with the potato puree “log” was not as striking as the other dishes, but the seabass was delicious and fresh with the avocado and potato mash.

organic salmon tiradito * rocoto pepper * tiger’s milk * samphire * ginger

The fresh raw salmon tiradito was another delicious sashimi like salmon dish with a creamy spicy sauce. The little samphire and ginger was a wonderful refreshing balance to the creaminess of the sauce.

Crab * purple corn reduction * hayre potato 4000 metres * red kiwicha

The crab dish was almost like a crab potato salad, with the creamy potato mixed through. Must say that I am partial to the raw fishes…

andinean kiwicha with sheep’s milk * purple corn and pineapple jelly * cinnamon crust

dulce de leche ice cream * beetroot emulsion * amazonian maca root honey

The desserts were a wonderful way to finish of the meal, with the deconstructed creamy sheep’s milk with cinnamon, and of course, no South American dessert menu is complete without some dulce de leche ice cream, a must have!

I was thoroughly impressed with Lima, it was very much a more refined restaurant to the other Peruvian restaurants closer to a Japanese than a simpler South American restaurant.

31 Rathbone Place W1T 1JH
Transport Tottenham Court Road tube

Cost: £30-45pp.


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4 thoughts on “Lima – The Peruvian Invasion in London Part II

    • Its this delicious citrusy marinade that cures the raw seafood 🙂 its made of lime juice, sliced onion, chiles, salt, and pepper — along with a bit of fish juice. I love ceviche so much, its on my “to cook” list!

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