Postcard pics from Pula!

Pula has stunning beaches and the town centre not only has a Roman amphitheatre, but it has an amazing fresh food market where you can buy super fresh seafood, meats and fruit and veg if you feel like doing a cook up or barbecue (I had this amazing host that was so cute and insisted on setting the bbq all up for us).

Must dos:

1) Visit the quaint little town centre and amphitheatre:

2) Food lovers must go to the Central Food Market and grab some fresh seafood, meats or lovely juicy fruits. Note that it does close at 1:30pm (they may start packing up a little earlier even). If you buy the fresh fish or octopus (as I did) make sure to ask the lovely market person to clean it for you (I forgot to ask for the octopus to be cleaned… eeeeks!):

3) Beach beach beach! We went to the Verudela beaches that were absolutely amazing! They had deck checks are umbrellas if you so desire… or you can just plonk your towel/mat on the pebbly stones. Make sure to bring your swimming goggles as the water is so clear you can see the fish 2 metres below you without them on – the water is also salty so your eyes will be stingy from trying to chase after them!

4) From Pula, we also made a day trip to another seaside town called Fazana that is only a 20 minute bus ride away.  The big attraction in Fazana is to visit the national park of Brijuni. Instead of doing a land tour of the island, we opted for a boat tour. But the town itself is worth the trip for the relaxed little beach bar and cute little streets.

Love the colourful buildings

5) In Fazana head to Beach bar Chubacabra for pints of beer for (less than £2) and cocktails! The beaches also faces the sunset so you can also have a few romantic moments if you so desire 🙂

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