Latest fashion trend… don’t follow them!

My fabulous friend H sent me this link to a NY times article, In Fashion are Trends passe?, that confirmed how I have always felt about my fashion mantra, to follow fashion… but not be a “lemming” (person who just follows the masses) to the “trends” of fashion.

Reading all the magazines you’d be inspired to run out to buy baroque brocade, leather leather leather, a toughened up lace number, or a statement military coat. Chances are, if any of these “latest trends” inspire you, if you have a rummage through your wardrobe or packed up boxes, you probably own some of these pieces already and can give them a quick dry-clean and second life.

Designers don’t follow trends, but its the fashion editors that identify “directions in color, shape and mood and interpreting them for the camera…placing the season’s most covetable looks in some kind of edifying context”.

There are so many fashion designers all around the world taking inspiration from so many things, it would be hard for a few of them not to be inspired by a common muse. And the fashion world being as it is, with the media making it so accessible and shareable all around the world, you can draw parallels between an Australian designer and Brazilian designer.

These common threads don’t change so much from season to season, and can be seen evolving from season to season. The oriental trend (a long time favourite of mine) for example was seen in the Japanese inspired prints in Preen’s S/S 12 and can be seen in Dries Van Noten’s A/W 12.

Designers such as Alexander Wang, Akira Isogawa, Balenciaga and Givenchy are very much defining their signature look that they’ll keep at the heart of their designs that will make me want to buy… or aspire and save up until I can afford to buy… their pieces.

I like to be able to just pick and choose an outfit based on my mood as opposed to trying to be “on trend”. Saying that, looking at magazines and media inspires me to put together an outfit, so it does become a vicious circle.

4 thoughts on “Latest fashion trend… don’t follow them!

  1. Brilliantly written post! Most of the time I am thankful for trends making readily available items that I am searching for (e.g. I am always happy when the Oriental trend comes ‘back’, as that is my favourite look, as are military and draped looks). I wish I were influenced by magazines and media to form my outfits, but all those hours pouring over magazines and internet seem to be mostly wasted on me…

    • Merci beaucoup! Sometimes I like to browse magazines and internet for inspiration to try new combinations… its sometimes so easy to wear outfits I already know work as I’m ALWAYS running late 🙂

  2. Looking at all the fashion magazines, what comes across is the beauty of the item in its own right.
    Fashion trends may come and go, but fabulous fabic or material teamed up with flawless cut and meticulous workmanship will withstand the passage of “fashion” as a work or art. Serendipity is when I find such items and they suit my budget, shape and style; the fun of fashion is in the hunt !

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