Belgium… the true home of French Fries

So you may ask, where have I been hiding for the last month or so? I have been eating my weights worth in Belgium!

The first thing that we HAD to eat in the land of the Belge, is “pomme frites” – french fries.

I don’t know why fries have been called “French”. The French apparently never claimed it as their own (I make this statement only from speaking to my French bf), and it is the Belgium that indeed is the king of the french fries.

After much researching, we found one of the best one in Brussels (noted by some perhaps as perhaps best in the world…), Maison Antoine at Place Jourdan. A little “hut” situated in the middle of the square, they have two sections to cook and serve the frites as they are in such high demand. We went on a Saturday late morning and were confronted by grand queue, so if you want to go, be warned. But it is worth it.

There are over 30 sauces to choose from, and I think this is what makes these frites so very special. We went the classic mayonnaise, the Tartare Maison (house tartare sauce),  and the spicy pili pili sauce.

The frites themselves were perfect. Super crunchy on the outside and hot, fluffy  and soft on the inside. The crunch and thickness of the outside was the key to the deliciousness of the frites.

Being in the middle of autumn – but felt very much like winter – buying the french fries and eating them outside was not quite ideal. Luckily, the bars around are more than happy for you to eat the precious parcels in their warm premises (or in summer on their outside tables) and delighting in the best (one of) Belgium export, the beer.

I would definitely go back… especially in summer time!


Maison Antoine at Place Jourdan 1, Brussels 1000, Belgium

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