Happy Birthday to J’adorais!

It’s hard to believe that it has been three years since my sisters and I decided to pursue our dream of bringing together our love for fashion, food and travel and created J’adorais.

What a wonderful three years it has been, we would like to thank you for following us through this wonderful journey, together we have taken you around the world to fabulous destinations including London, Paris, Lisbon, Croatia, Italy, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil & Australia.

We have shared with you highlights of London, Paris, Milan, New York and Australian fashion weeks.  We are continually looking out for unique, beautiful designs from emerging designers from around the world and will be sharing with you on J’adorais.  We have also shared with you the culinary delights tantalising our taste buds.


Above: Sharing our love for food from around the world, from Europe, South America, Asia & Australia.


Above: Scouting emerging British designers at London Fashion week (far right, my sister Janice with British Designer Matthew Williamson).


Above: From the Champagne region, to Paris our favourite french designers at Paris fashion week & Haute Couture week (me in Champagne far left, Janice in Paris on the right, far bottom right, sister Clarice interviewing designer Yiqing Yin after her Haute Couture show in Paris for Peut-Etre magazine).


Above: J’adorais postcards from the historical buildings in Sicily to aperitivo hour and Milan fashion week (Janice in Sicily, Pulla, Milan).

Above: From the cobbled streets of Brazil’s oldest cities Salvador and Paraty to our home beach town of Tabatinga (in Brazil where we grew up) and following the talented Brazilian designers at Sao Paulo fashion week (Janice & I in Brazil, Salvador, Paraty, Tabating beach).


Above: From San Francisco to New York (and our favourite NY eateries, me in NYC’s famous Love sculpture left and Janice is Times Square on the right) and New York Fashion week.


Above: From beautiful Hong Kong to meeting talented Hong Kong designers (me meeting HK designer Hei Lau in the bottom right picture).

HappyBirthdayJadorais-SydneyAbove: From Mercedes Benz Fashion week in Sydney over the last three years to our favourite Australian fashion designers.

We are busy preparing for the next Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in two weeks (starting in April 12th) at Sydney’s Carriageworks, where Clarice & I will be watching the fashion shows and meeting with emerging Australian Fashion designers and sharing their designs and inspirations with you.

And now, we are excited as we prepare to launch the next chapter for J’adorais, an online boutique “Bringing you beautiful fashion & unique designs from emerging designers around the globe to your doorstep.”  The J’adorais online boutique is being developed by our talented creative team and will be launched in the next few months.

Visit us on www.jadorais.com and subscribe to J’adorais to be the first to know when this exciting new boutique launches and we will be sharing the latest events on the site – from offers, to exciting new designs and introducing new emerging designers from around the globe.


We are reaching out to new unique designers from around the world to join our on-line boutique, curated by the Chian sisters. We would love to hear from you, let us know of the latest things you adore from any corner of the world.

Happy Birthday to J’adorais.  The “power of three” turns three. Thanks for being part of our dream.

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