Timeless Classics

My name is Elisa and I am a shoppaholic.  It’s been a few months since my last shopping “confession”. 😉  Those who know me will also know that I have a love (or passion!) for shopping, which is perfectly fitting that as a Fashion Stylist I have been able to put my love for shopping to good use by helping others shop for themselves.

Over the years I have improved my shopping habits by shopping more ‘wisely’ as well as applied the shopping tips which I give to personal shopping clients to my own shopping.  I’ve found that I have been able to move away from impulse buying and have become a more ‘strategic’ shopper (well, most of the time ;). Gone are the days where I come back from a “window shopping expedition” with a few things that I have found on sale “that I didn’t need but found cute” and I spend less on fast-fashion brands that only last one season. When I window shop and find something “cute” on sale I have to ask myself – How many times will I get a wear out of it? And do I have something similar? If I can’t think of at least 3 different types of occasions I could wear it I put the beautiful item of clothing back onto the rack. Hurray! No more coming home feeling guilty and hiding the shopping in my wardrobe. 😉

As a Fashion Stylist we encourage our clients to ‘shop smart’ and build their wardrobes with good quality and well-fitting wardrobe ‘staple’ items, such a white shirt, a good blazer jacket, good pair of skinny jeans and an all-purpose LBD (little black dress). When it comes to accessories, every girl needs a good everyday bag and comfortable flats that you can run around in, and for the evening, a nice evening bag and some comfortable and stylish pumps.  I have added a few nice wardrobe staples to my closet over the years, but still have a few classic accessories on my wishlist.

Last year, whilst pregnant and being quite good at not spending much money shopping for clothes (having a big belly definitely puts you off wanting to buy things that don’t fit), I was able to save my pretty pennies and ‘rewarded myself’ with a pre-push present whilst visiting London (on route to my sister’s wedding).  As I was heavily pregnant at 31 weeks, I only had two hours to do a power shop with my sister and had two key items that I wanted to buy while I was there (the benefit of the Brexit is the pound is now low so definitely a good time to buy designer items!).

My two-hour power shop in London included three key stops; first starting at my favourite UK department store Selfridges on Oxford Street, followed by a trip to Christian Louboutin in Mayfair and then on to the Yves Saint Laurent flagship store in Old Bond Street.2016-08-22 12.18.49

Above: My cute sister Janice & I outside the Selfridges Department store

I have always loved and admired iconic French designer Yves Saint Laurent, and have had the classic monogram YSL bag on my wishlist for years.  I have also had Christian Louboutin nude pumps on my wishlist for a while.  We often share with to our styling clients that nude pumps are great accessory staples, not only do they go with just about everything, they also are great at making you look taller and elongating your legs!

Surprisingly I managed to ‘waddle’ my way around to the stores and purchase my coveted items (it’s amazing how much stamina you get when shopping ;).

2016-08-22 12.41.01

Above: Trying on nude pumps at the Christian Louboutin store in Mayfair (resting my 31 week old bump 😉

The trip to the YSL store took a little longer than I expected, as I spent a few minutes trying to decide whether to go for the classic YSL monogram on the more dressy version with a gold tassle chain.  I ended up buying the YSL with the gold tassle chain (and I’m so happy with my choice ;).

2016-08-22 13.13.15

2016-08-22 17.16.08

Above: My purchases after two-hour London power shop

My third accessory on the wishlist has been Balenciaga gold bow cuff.  The gold bow is feminine and elegant, and feeds my obsession with bows.  Nothing like a classic statement gold bling to add to the wrist.  I ordered the bow cuff online from British online retailer Matches fashion and got it delivered while I was in London.

2016-08-22 07.30.49

The three wardrobe items have travelled back to Australia with me (after managing to claim the VAT back at the airport 😉 and have been my wardrobe staples ever since, they are timeless classics, and go with everything from dressing up some casual jeans to dressing for a date night.

2016-12-30 20.02.57

Above: Dressing up casual skinny jeans by Sass and Bide with the nude Christian Louboutin pumps (at drinks with my gorgeous sister Clarice)

2017-01-14 11.11.17-2

2017-01-14 11.12.52

Above: I love how the nude Louboutins pumps elongate the legs, worn above with Michael Lo Sordo dress, YSL bag and Balenciaga bow cuff

So there you are, some of my timeless classic items that you will be seeing featured in my wardrobe.  What about you, what items are on your wishlist?


Above: Lace Zimmermann Top, with wardrobe staples Christian Louboutin pumps & YSL bag

Happy Fashion Friday! With love, from J’adorais

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