London Design Exquis: How is soap linked to music?

Design Exquis is an exhibtion, now in it’s third edition, that takes the concept of “exquisite corpse” and the children’s game consequences, where you  start writing a story on a piece of paper, fold it over and pass it to the next … Continue reading

Back and ready to go!

Désolée!!! I’m so so sorry for disappearing for so long! My laptop has been a sick puppy and I being the Queen of procrastination, the poor thing was put in a self induced coma and has only just recovered! So … Continue reading

Belgium… the true home of French Fries

So you may ask, where have I been hiding for the last month or so? I have been eating my weights worth in Belgium!

The first thing that we HAD to eat in the land of the Belge, is “pomme frites” – french fries.

I don’t know why fries have been called “French”. The French apparently never claimed it as their own (I make this statement only from speaking to my French bf), and it is the Belgium that indeed is the king of the french fries.

After much researching, we found one of the best one in Brussels (noted by some perhaps as perhaps best in the world…), Maison Antoine at Place Jourdan. A little “hut” situated in the middle of the square, they have two sections to cook and serve the frites as they are in such high demand. We went on a Saturday late morning and were confronted by grand queue, so if you want to go, be warned. But it is worth it.

There are over 30 sauces to choose from, and I think this is what makes these frites so very special. We went the classic mayonnaise, the Tartare Maison (house tartare sauce),  and the spicy pili pili sauce.

The frites themselves were perfect. Super crunchy on the outside and hot, fluffy  and soft on the inside. The crunch and thickness of the outside was the key to the deliciousness of the frites.

Being in the middle of autumn – but felt very much like winter – buying the french fries and eating them outside was not quite ideal. Luckily, the bars around are more than happy for you to eat the precious parcels in their warm premises (or in summer on their outside tables) and delighting in the best (one of) Belgium export, the beer.

I would definitely go back… especially in summer time!


Maison Antoine at Place Jourdan 1, Brussels 1000, Belgium

London Fashion Night Out – sharing the love

My first Fashion Night Out was absolutely incredible! So many shops with different events, so much champagne, so little time, being in Britain of course there were lots of queues… and of course fashion fashion fashion! Leading up to Fashion … Continue reading

Fashion Night Out!!!

Socialising with friends… and fashion! My favourite combination!

For the last three years, in cities all around the world fashionistas unite and  celebrate a bit of fashion at their favourite stores.

In London each store is hosting different events and parties offering drinks, music and goodies!

Tonight I’ll be roaming the streets of Mayfair with my friend H and L, hopping from store to store… for Simpsons fans I’ll be like Homer when he’s in the world made of chocolate (also an absolute dream of mine)! I can’t wait to finish work! I’ll try to share some pics!

Which parties will you be going to?

Croatian gastronomical holiday snaps

What I loved about my trip was that it was truly relaxing. My days consisted of eating, beaching, a combination of the two and eating a little bit more.

Here are some of my fave local delights:

1. Pršut (the Croatian cured ham like prosciutto)

pršut (aka prosciutto)

2. One new discovery for me was the wonderful Aperol Spritz drink that is very common in Italy and is now the drink for fashionistas: one part soda, two parts aperol and topped with the scrumptuous prosecco. This drink is oh so refreshing and always served with a slice of lemon to give it a nice little bite.

3. Muscles – the Croatian muscles is made with garlic (the more the better – also because eating garlic is supposed to repel moskitos of which there unfortunately lots), parsley, white wine, olive oil and the secret ingredient… bread crumbs to soak up the wonderful juices.

4. Grilled squid – super succulent and always perfectly charred… and served generally with a delicious spinach and potato side (again full of garlic… no vampires either for Croats).

5. And last but not least… lots and lots of truffles!!! Sadly we always seemed to go to dinner late and the pasta with truffle dishes were sold out when requested… so instead we made sure we had some for aperitifs 🙂

Postcard pics from Pula!

Pula has stunning beaches and the town centre not only has a Roman amphitheatre, but it has an amazing fresh food market where you can buy super fresh seafood, meats and fruit and veg if you feel like doing a cook … Continue reading

Holiday postcards from Croatia!

Dubro Jutro! (Good day!)

I am back from a beautiful, magical, chilled to the max week in the beautiful Istria, known to many as the pearl of Croatia. Most people flock to the Dalmatian islands of Hvar, and coastal towns of Dubrovink and Split, but Istria on the north of Croatia and bordering Italy, is the go to holiday destination for Croats. The water is even clearer, the food is even better (as it shares much of the history of Italian neighbour) and the best thing is that it’s not filled with tourists so I could easily find a nice little sun spot!

Having only a week and wanting to really relax, I picked two beautiful very different to towns, Rovinj (known also as Rovigno) and Pula (the main town of the area).

Strangely most people speak not only Croatian fluently, but also Italian, and some even German and French!

This week I’ll share my favourite snaps!