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Maison Martin Margiela for H&M – My purchases!

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, but I have been non-stop travelling for work and pleisure for the past month! Am so glad to be back in London, in time for the Maison Martin Margiela launch for H&M!

So on Thursday – I had my alarm set. I had my calendar invite blocking out any work meetings. And I sat whilst on conference calls refreshing my link to the H&M online store. And after 45 minutes of refresh… I got through!!! Yes, it was a real test forĀ perseverance… teheheh…

Surprisingly there were quite a few items still available, but annoyingly, some of the items that I managed to put in my cart by the time I went to pay, had sold out šŸ˜¦ booohooo… these included the narrow black tuxedo jacket and oversized trousers… But I amĀ ecstatic and cannot wait to receive my HUGE delivery hopefully this week!

So I managed to get (yes its a long list):

  • black oversized dress
  • iconic glove bag
  • perspex boots in black
  • blue dress
  • beige perspex pumps (although the pumps will only be delivered in Dec so have to wait EVEN longer!)
  • blue structured jumper dress (actually picked this one up from the store after work).
  • Restructured leather biker jacket
  • Cuff necklace
  • Bra top bodysuit
  • (Incredible) two dress in one
  • StructuredĀ blazer (its made of polyester so will see what it looks like in real life)
  • Grey and black turtle neck
  • Skirt in trousers style






I actually popped into the store in Regent St after work and was surprised to see that there were still lots of items left as they kept refilling! I tried the duvet coat… but sadly found that on me… it did indeed look like I was wearing my duvet!

The fabrics of some of the items, like the dresses, weren’t as nice as I’d hoped (like I looooved the look of the draped red dress in pictures), so was glad they also fell out of my online shopping cart. It was my birthday recently, so this week I’ll definitely be receiving my presents to myself! Aren’t they the best?

So was anyone else successful?

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

Designer and high street collaborations… my favourite combination!!! I absolutely love love loved the Marni H&M collection and wear the few pieces I managed to grab ALL the time and always get lots of compliments, mixing and matching for spring, summer and now autumn.

When I heard that Maison Martin Margiela was collaborating with H&M I was oh so excited! I love their out there yet elegant designs that always make a statement.

I thought I’d take a lil’break from my London Fashion Week posts to quickly share my favourite pieces. I’m sure they’ll all sell out in 10 minutes… but you never know!

The glove bag is an iconic Maison Martin Margiela piece and I absolutely love the shape and casual elegance of the dress.

MMM loves their oversized coats… and for me this duvet coat is always what I dream of when I’m snuggled up at home and its rainy outside in London!

For the prices and rest of the collection check out Vogue.

So will you be waiting in the queue or online? If so… please get one for me!