Summer Time is Party Time

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Kraftwerk at the Tate Modern – Electro magic

A few months ago, after continuously pressing the re-dial button to the Tate Modern ticket line, I miraculously secured myself two tickets to the first of the retrospective concerts of the legend-ARY bands of the Electro world, Kraftwerk. The ticket system completely melted down with all the die-hard fans wanting to see Kraftwerk taking over the Tate Modern Turbine Hall, funnily enough, Kraftwerk means “power station” in German.

Yesterday, after much anticipation, I was privileged to being one of the many awed spectators at the Autobahn concert at the Tate Modern. Admittedly  I don’t really know that much of Kraftwerk’s music, but after sitting through a documentary on electro music with my electro music lover bf, I knew that electro music all started off with Kraftwerk…  and I knew that they would be amaaaaazing in concert, especially at the Tate Modern (for the die-hard Kraftwerk fans feeling angry that I got to go… rest assure I was in company of a die-hard fan).


So to the concert. After getting ourselves in the mood for the concert with some bratwurst sausages and sauerkraut and pilsner, we took our little black cushions and 3D glasses handed to us and made our way to the beautiful Turbine Hall and managed to place ourselves right smack bang in the middle of the room.

At 9pm (good’ol German punctuality), the curtain fell to reveal a burst of luminous 3D graphics and Ralf Hutter (the only original member of the group) and 3 other members of the group with their synthesisers, and glowy scuba-like suits.

2013-02-06 22.52.18

Words cannot describe the amazing combination of the visual 3D splendour and music that unfolded for the two hour concert. It is so hard to believe that the music from the Autobahn album was created 40 years ago. The music was played to cute  3D images of the autobahn filled with Mercedes and VW speeding past us, then towards us.

2013-02-06 21.11.16

After wowing us with the music from Autobahn, they took us through a journey through the favourites of the other seven albums, each with their own incredible 3D animations.

Mechanical arms stretched out towards us during The Robots. Musical notes orbited the Earth that protruded towards us. A train choochoo’d towards us in Trans-Europe Express. A gorgeous wave of neon green digits moved back and forth in Numbers. A space station spun towards the us during Spacelab. It was an incredulous electro musical journey.

2013-02-06 22.48.37 2013-02-06 22.47.50 2013-02-06 21.49.57

Tate was an incredible space for such a performance, and was the perfect setting for the beautifully combination of art and music. Loving the fusion!

(apologies for the poor pictures, but we weren’t allowed cameras… and the images are all in 3D!)

See J’adorais’ facebook page for a little video snippet.