Postcard from Rovinj!

Rovinj is a super cute little coastal town where you can swim in pool like crystal water right from the center of the town. Its only a 50min bus ride from Pula, but is a little gem with white cobble streets, a church perched on the top of the hill, and a stunning rocky coastline where bars and restaurants serve you up drinks and fresh seafood between your swims.

Every town must have its little market, and Rovinj’s market is filled with fresh fruit & veg and also local truffle and oil produce.

Must do’s:

1) It is a marvel to walk the streets at night, as they light away the sea making a perfect night swim as the water is so clear you don’t have to worry about any hidden fishies.

2) For those that aren’t so keen on clambering in and out from rocks, they also have put in railing to allow you to easily climb in and out of the water.

3) To dine I would highly recommend this tiny restaurant called Balby. They probably only have about 15 tables outside, so you may have to wait a little to get yourself one. Luckily, they’ll happily  let you have a drink as you wait, or right infront of the restaurant there is a bar for you to have an aperitif.

Best grilled sardines

4) For a daytime drink or nibble, go to Konoba Lampo and be sure to ask for a table right by the water.

Have an ice cold Aperol Spritz.

5) Head to Sergio’s for  super thin pizza’s with fresh delicious toppings.



Holiday postcards from Croatia!

Dubro Jutro! (Good day!)

I am back from a beautiful, magical, chilled to the max week in the beautiful Istria, known to many as the pearl of Croatia. Most people flock to the Dalmatian islands of Hvar, and coastal towns of Dubrovink and Split, but Istria on the north of Croatia and bordering Italy, is the go to holiday destination for Croats. The water is even clearer, the food is even better (as it shares much of the history of Italian neighbour) and the best thing is that it’s not filled with tourists so I could easily find a nice little sun spot!

Having only a week and wanting to really relax, I picked two beautiful very different to towns, Rovinj (known also as Rovigno) and Pula (the main town of the area).

Strangely most people speak not only Croatian fluently, but also Italian, and some even German and French!

This week I’ll share my favourite snaps!