Croatian gastronomical holiday snaps

What I loved about my trip was that it was truly relaxing. My days consisted of eating, beaching, a combination of the two and eating a little bit more.

Here are some of my fave local delights:

1. Pršut (the Croatian cured ham like prosciutto)

pršut (aka prosciutto)

2. One new discovery for me was the wonderful Aperol Spritz drink that is very common in Italy and is now the drink for fashionistas: one part soda, two parts aperol and topped with the scrumptuous prosecco. This drink is oh so refreshing and always served with a slice of lemon to give it a nice little bite.

3. Muscles – the Croatian muscles is made with garlic (the more the better – also because eating garlic is supposed to repel moskitos of which there unfortunately lots), parsley, white wine, olive oil and the secret ingredient… bread crumbs to soak up the wonderful juices.

4. Grilled squid – super succulent and always perfectly charred… and served generally with a delicious spinach and potato side (again full of garlic… no vampires either for Croats).

5. And last but not least… lots and lots of truffles!!! Sadly we always seemed to go to dinner late and the pasta with truffle dishes were sold out when requested… so instead we made sure we had some for aperitifs 🙂