The power of three unite ♥♥♥

For those of you who have read the “About J’adorais” intro section on this blog, you may know that I am one of three sisters, and we are spread all over the world.. My oldest sister & Styling Director (Clarice) is based in Adelaide (Australia), my youngest sister and European Fashion Director (Janice) is based in London (UK) and I am based in Sydney (also my parents who are usually based in Brazil are now based in Paris for a few years). We are definitely a multi-national & multi-continental family!!!
Well, after too much time apart I am soooo excited, this weekend the power of three will be reunited in Adelaide!
I’m down in sunny Adelaide visiting my eldest sister, who just had a gorgeous baby boy two weeks ago, and my mum who’s down from Paris helping her out and my youngest sister arrives from London tomorrow!!

With the power of three united under the same roof, once we get our creative juices on paper about J’adorais (and not just communicating through cyberspace), there are too many exciting possibilities to be explored on J’adorais. Watch this space people J’adorais is just getting started!!!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend all!! 😉
♥♥♥ Love from J’adorais ♥♥♥

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